What's the Most Effective Hemorrhoid Treatment?


Few solutions provide instant relief and stop the itching, pain and bleeding from getting worse.

We recently did a study with our test subjects to observe the long term and short term effectiveness of various treatments. The study was comprised of extensive series of tests and comparisons of several top selling products along with surveying past patients.

Upon completion of our research, we came up with only 3 products that showed to cure the condition and associated symptoms. Others just seemed to be false advertising with no positive results under trial settings. Surgical intervention can be avoided with timely use of these effective solutions and few lifestyle changes.

We have ranked each of these methods in order of there effectiveness.

The top 3 most successful remedies are given below:




Treatment Success Rate: 98%

Side Effects: None
Overall Rating:5 Star5/5

After considering the results with our test subjects, our professionals found that Venapro is a safe and effective treatment that provides the best value for money. As per the results of our test study, sufferers who were given Venapro reported a radical relief in their symptoms with each dose. Quick relief from burning sensation, itching, pain, irritation and bleeding was witnessed.

It worked for internal and external hemorrhoids by increasing blood flow to the swollen area in the rectum thereby accelerating the healing process. The herbal ingredients in the preparation have beneficial effect on the digestive system as they relieve constipation and promote regularity in bowel movements.

A complete cure was reported with no recurrences in patients who took the complete therapy for 6 months. With early therapy, no need for surgical procedures like hemorrhoidectomy, hemorrhoidopexy or rubber band litigation was observed. No side effects were witnessed upon test patients who took this homeopathic remedy. Although considered safe, pregnant women are advised to consult there physician before trying it.

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Avatrol Pills

Success Rate: 86%

Side Effects: None
Overall Rating: 4 Star 4/5

We rank Avatrol pills at No.2 in our rankings for treatment efficacy. It induces recovery by making soft stools which pass smoothly without making the digestive system habitual to it, unlike laxatives. Though there were no allergies or side effects with this herbal formulation. Avatrol shows to work only on mild to moderate cases of prolapsed and thrombosed hemorrhoids.

Therefore, it is not considered as effective as Venapro, which relieves both mild and severe symptoms. However, Avatrol is a natural, safe anti-inflammatory product for men and women to ease pain and discomfort quickly.

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Zenmed Ziro Cream

Success Rate: 85%

Side Effects: None
Overall Rating: 4 Star 4/5

Zenmed Ziro Hemorrhoid cream is fairly effective alternative for mild to moderate cases. On the positive side, this cream is able to shrink hemorrhoidal lumps really fast by soothing inflammation. It eliminates the need of anesthesia or pain killer injections for pain relief. On the negative side, it is a topical cream that is directly applied to the affected area. Therefore, this form of treatment can sometimes be a little messy. At times you might get embarrassing stains on your cloths as the cream leaks through your undergarments.

Furthermore, our test subjects reported it to be difficult to apply while at work or when not at home. Nevertheless, we rate it third best among other solutions because it is fairly effective in pain relief.

Just like Preparation H, Chamomile, Calendula etc this topical options doesn't eliminate hard, dry stools which is the underlying cause of the problem. Hence it works for symptomatic relief.

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What you should aspect?

Each therapy is intended to reduce symptoms and prevent recurrences. But mode of therapy can vary from oral pills, topical creams, sprays to oils.

If left untreated, then modern techniques like laser cauterization become necessary as hemorrhoidal tissue grows bigger and bleeding get worse. New herbal and natural treatments are efficient way to get rid of the discomfort and pain. Such remedies include herbal and homeopathic ingredients which are gentle to use with no risk of side effects.

 Types of Treatments:

Oral medication work better for all types of hemorrhoids, external or internal. They are potent enough to also treat and eliminate bleeding hemorrhoids or anal fissures.

These natural remedies also provide instant relief by easing muscle tension in the bowel. Long term use with recommended dosage results in complete cure for symptoms.

Steps to Prevent and Heal the Disease

In addition to medicine, other things need to be taken care of to prevent any future discomfort and recurrence. Some of the lifestyle changes you need to make pertain to diet. It is necessary that you stop eating fast food, increase insoluble fiber in the daily diet along with plenty of water (6 to 8 glasses). Rich sources of fiber include fruits, vegetables, bran, whole grains, flaxseeds etc.

While undergoing any therapy you should avoid straining as it causes increased pressure in rectal veins. Having correct position during defecation, and avoiding any form of strenuous activity like weightlifting exercises is also important. Avoid standing and sitting for long hours.

Prevent any scratching that comes from wiping with toilet paper, use can use baby wipes to clean up anal region. Lastly, there should be no anal sex till the disease goes away.


In case you have used any method in the past and got no relief with it, then we would request you to please send us your experience. With your story, please include the product information. Your rating/review will help us rank and research that product accordingly. This helps sufferers eliminate their pain, and get rid of their hemorrhoids fast without wasting time and money on things that don't work. Feel free to send your Feedback Here

It is important to note that the problem is also known as piles. It is used interchangeably throughout the pages on this web site and all refer to the same painful condition.



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